Track Someone’s Vehicle With Google Maps Easily

Today, law enforcement and private investigators use tiny little boxes called “Gps Trackers” in which they put a small little black box that has a powerful magnet attached to it, under someone’s vehicle. Once the box is stuck to the vehicle and out of sight, under the vehicle, tracking the every move of the vehicle, where it drove to, how fast it drove and even when it made stops and for how long it stopped each time.

The Good news is, these little devices are available for anyone to buy, no licence needed to operate them and the average citizen can now easily monitor every single movement of a vehicle. All this made very simple with a tiny software you run on a computer that shows on a map all the actions of the vehicle in question. They cost just over $100 and work right out of the box. One of Stalker Tools favorite magnetic gps vehicle trackers is the Micro Tracker and you can order your own in confidence from the link below. Thank us later and enjoy!

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