Trace Someone’s Movements From Their Social Posts And Tweets

There are two great tools that we love to use here at to help us trace and map out persons of interest.

First off, watch the first video below to see these two tools in action, we first show you how the Teaching Privacy app and site
works. Then we go on to show you a software called Creepy that does the same actions as Teaching Privacy does, but goes further and lets you save data to spreadsheets so you can easily access it later on to manage the data for whatever reason you may have.

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As an example of how well these methods work, we decided to trace and track the movements of a local talk show radio host from CJAD 800 am Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Tommy Schnurmacher . Within seconds we show how easy it was to type his twitter nickname into the site and software then watch all the results that came up, showing locations that he frequents on a map along with other locations he tweets from using his mobile phone.

These methods come in very handy for many people that are gathering information on a subject’s habits, behaviors and other information that personally identifies them on many levels. Most people today are simply too anxious to post on social networks and never check what permissions they are accepting or agreeing to when installing the apps in their phones or performing actions while using them. This is to your advantage when tracking someone’s movements, as shown in the video.

Feel free to leave your comments below and we hope you can benefit from these methods and urge you to read our other methods posted on! Tracking Down Someone’s Movements On Twitter and Instagram from Adam Guerbuez on Vimeo.

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This is a demonstration video from showing how easy it is to track anyone’s movements, places they have been etc, by using two simple methods. What we are doing is tracking people just by looking into the geo-location exif data that is stored in their photos that they take with their mobile phones. Most people do not disable this feature and those are the ones that are very easy to map out their movements. These two easy methods show you how anyone can do the simple task successfully without having any experience or technical know how.

If you need help setting up Creepy on your computer, you can watch this video from the author of the software, explaining all of it’s features and how to use it and configure it properly.

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