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While gathering information online it is important to know that all your actions can and in most situations are always tracked. Google tracks and saves your searches, most sites you land on put cookies in your browser. Cookies are little files that help the site to track information about you like your habits for example. All sites log the I.P address you are on, this is the actual numeric address that ties you to your location, internet provider name and more that can easily be used to locate you in cases that you would most likely not be located.  Stalker Tools wants to give you all the information you need to know so that you can enable several layers of protection to your identity when online and offline.

First, thing you need is to subscribe to a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) this service will allow you to use the internet and not show your real IP address to websites that you use. We will not complicate the process for you and overload you with technical information that will bore you, however we will tell you that these services are great, they work and they keep prying eyes off of you, even if a sophisticated hacker tries to trace your IP address when you are using the internet with your VPN service turned on, all they will see is the IP of the VPN service, which will be a dead end. We have had our best experience with a huge VPN company called Go ahead and check them out, you will see their prices are real cheap for an amazing service.

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Secondly, whenever buying anything on the internet, always buy with PREPAID credit cards. They are sold at most pharmacies and stores like WalMart. They come in different amounts like $25 up to $500 and always choose either Visa or Mastercard, never American Express since finding sites that accept those is almost impossible. These cards work just like regular credit cards when buying things online. The only difference is that they do not require you to produce valid i.d to register them, this is why they come in handy for so many people who register the cards under random names with random addresses.

Third, Caller Id Spoofing, this is simply a way to make a phone call and force any number that you choose to show up on the person’s called ID. This comes in very handy when you are gathering information on someone and you may want to appear that you are calling from a different location than you actually are in.  Go to now to check out their easy to use service, it is by far the best we have found and used by so many people all over the world. They even offer call recording, voice changers to use when making a call, group calling for more then one person on a call and more, all included as part of their service which costs next to nothing to subscribe too. You will be very happy you did!

Fourth, buying a pre-paid mobile phone is important, they are cheap and do not require any I.D to activate. Just like the prepaid credit cards that we described above, these work the same way. So once you have one activated, you should use it to send sms messages and make or receive phone calls whenever you are gathering information on someone or even dealing in general with anyone or company that you do not personally know and that would otherwise not have your true identity and phone number. There are even some providers that their phones work right out of the box, without going through the signup process, for example Verizon has this type of convenience when buying some of their prepaid phone packages in big stores like bestbuy.

Lastly, If you need a phone number and way to send SMS without using your personal phone but it is not possible for you to get to the store to pick up a phone on time, there is another method that we will explain to you here. It is an APP called Burnr and if you have an Iphone or a Android phone, you can go to the app store on your phone and search for the app called Burnr. Install it and then choose a phone number from the list they provide to you and buy some credits for it to allow you to send and recieve calls and SMS for as long as you like on that new number and when you are done, you can “burn” it, basically it is disposable, the app is made for this purpose, to get temporary phone numbers to use for people who want to take care of some business but do not want to be bothered afterwards.

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If you have any questions, go ahead and comment below, we will be glad to answer. You can also use the Contact form on our site, by clicking on it in the menu.

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