Stalking Someone By Their Username or Alias

There is a website out there that is free for anyone to use that has an amazing stalker tool built into it. That site is called and the way to use it is very simple. All you need is the username or alias of the person you are trying to get info on, then you enter it into the search box on their site and then it will search 157 different websites instantly while you watch and show you exactly what sites have a user with that nickname or alias.

Another reason we here at Stalker Tools love so much is that it saves us a lot of time when we are tracking down people while also allowing the user to simply click on any of the positive results where it found the same username and it opens a new window right to the site chosen so you can see the actual page of that member and dig further, you can do this for hours of info gathering with over 150 different sites that it scans for you.

GARD Pro Not Registered

Now, let’s say you want to step your Stalking game up, there is yet another amazing function of and that is when you search for someone’s username then find sites in the list that they in fact have not registered with under that nickname, you can simply click on them, one by one to open up in a new window and register on those sites with the username that you are stalking on. So now you just got to be smart and with some luck and self promotion, chances are people will contact you on those newly registered sites, thinking that you are the special someone that you have been looking into, since after all, with such a unique nickname, the chances that you are not that special person are slim to none, right? Well at least they will think so. You can ride that all the way to the bank if you are comfortable with social engineering there are so many possibilities here, but that will be saved for another day on


GARD Pro Not Registered

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