How To Stalk The Police

Police Stalking or Crime Stalking is something that the Stalker Tools team has been doing for years. It is very exciting to be able to be one step ahead, or just behind the police when crimes are taking place, same goes for the criminals that the cops are persuing.

For this method, you will need to have a smartphone or tablet, it can be either an Iphone or Android device. It helps to have a radio in your car that you can connect to your phone to hear the music or sounds on your car audio instead of the phone. Once you are set up, you will be able to arrive at an address where a crime is reported as in progress, or a stress call even, other times you will arrive at the same time or right after the authorities do. The media has used this method for the past 40+ years to get the hottest stories into their publications and the nightly news. Now is going to explain to you exactly what you will need to join in on the fun.

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First, download the app called 5-0 Radio on your phone, either from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on what model of phone you have. Install the app and open it then browse the police scanner feeds to find the one for your local city/area. Once you find it, you will now hear all the stuff that the cops are discussing over their channels, so now you will know where they are being dispatched to, where they are etc, listen and wait for important stuff to do down then drive carefully to the location and enjoy the show.

Second and last, you can also listen to scanners on the app that cover fireman radio signals, informing you when calls are dispached to fires in your local area, letting you know where the action is at!

Enjoy this simple method and feel free to post comments below if you have any questions

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