How To Find Other Sites Someone Owns To Get Plenty Of Dirt And Personal Info

Some anonymous blogger getting on your nerves? Maybe you just want to follow someones tracks closely when it comes to their activity on the web?

Here is an our method that checks what sites are using the same Google Analytics, Amazon ID, clickbank and addthis. Here is how it works!

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Too many overly confident fools out there have big mouths online and think that they have their bases covered and they will not be identified since they do not use their real name on the site that they talk “smack” from, like a blog or whatever it may be. Well, using this awesome StalkerTools method many internet tough guys and girls have been successfully outed. People even use this method to dig up dirt on webmasters who claim one thing about themselves like their history, their views etc, yet with this method you can easily prove that they are liars since they are behind plenty of sites that they thought nobody would ever connect back to them!

Find the site of the person you want more info on, example then when on the site, simply right click your mouse anywhere on the page and then click “View Source”. When the sourcecode pops up, look through it or press CTRL+F and type in the word Analytics, and press enter, you should see a alalytics ID in there looking like UA-12420089- or very similar, copy it and then paste it into a notepad. Now search the code as well for any other id’s that we can check, they are Amazon id, if they resell or link to any Amazon products on their site or in posts they make, lastly look for an “addthis” id. Once your findings are copied and pasted into notepad, now do the following:

Go to and enter the ids you found, one by one into the search search bar on the page. You get 5 free searches per day for free and this should be more then enough to do your deed. You will see a list of websites and pages run by that person (very revealing ones in most cases we have tried) such as personal blogs, sites selling very questionable products or services and more, now have some fun scanning through all these sites it found and gather as much info as you want, most if it chances are will be personally identifiable.

It is satisfying to use this method to find out what other sites a really annoying anonymous blogger operates, when you find that they are operating a personal blog or work site with their real full name in the contact info of the site, you have struck gold. Say goodbye to being anonymous on the internet!

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GARD Pro Not Registered


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