Snoop On Someone’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without Ever Touching The Device is pleased to show you a simple method that will
allow you to monitor any Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch, to see
incoming and outgoing calls, text messages sent and recieved,
Imessages, photos on the device, contacts, notes, safari bookmarks
and last but not least, view a map and see where the phone is
located and has been.

You do not even have to install anything on the phone or device,
that is what makes this method so elite! You just install a program
on your computer and enter the phone owner’s Apple Id and Password
into the program and you will have full access to all the above!

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So to recap, As long as you have the Apple ID and Password to the
phone/ipad/ipod touch , there is nothing else needed.

The software that makes this all possible is called Phone Sheriff
Investigator. Installs on any computer in seconds and even a child
could operate it.

There is only one way this will not work, that is if the person’s
device disabled the “Cloud storage and backup” in their settings.
We personally have not ever met someone who disabled this feature,
however if unsure, you can always ask the person if they can enable
it in their settings, but chances are you will not need too.

Bonus… The device does NOT need to be Jail Broken! As long as it
is current, running at least IOS 5.x, 6.X or 7.X (99.9% are) you
are all set to open up a whole crazy world of information about the
person you are tracking.

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This method is 100% completely undetectable, the user of the device
will NEVER see any kind of message or warning telling them that you
are monitoring their device. This method is one of the top methods
used by many agencies when they are tracking individuals and can
not ever get physical access to the person’s device.

Getting access to the user’s Apple ID and Password is the only
thing you need to do, we are sure this will not be a problem for
you as there are several ways to get a hold of this information but
that part will not be discussed any further at this point.

We at Stalker Tools advise you to not use this tool to break any
laws, such as tracking someone without their knowledge. There are
many legal uses for this software such as companies using it to
monitor their employees who have been informed beforehand and
parents who are concerned about their children’s activities and the
potential harm that may be prevented by doing so.

Go ahead and try out Phone Sheriff Investigator today, it is free
to tryout and buy it only if you like what it does, although we
know you will be blown away at how awesome it really is.

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