Periscope Stalking – Made Easy

Ah yes, Periscope, we love it and we want to use it to get up close and personal with our favourite people that we watch so intently ? Periscope makes it easier then ever to pull this off.

Most people leave their location broadcasting on, this is the easiest way to pinpoint exactly where someone is scoping from. However… there are many Periscope users out there that are on a mission to tell the masses how to protect themselves by turning off their location broadcasting so that watchers can not “stalk them”

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Not to worry, there are several ways to find someone’s location without them having location on in Periscope. You want to note their username on periscope and their photo. Now you want to go to¬† and enter their username in the search box. Now you will see how many sites that username is being used on, all the sites that are greyed out in the results are the ones you need to note.

Now simply go to those sites and one by one check for clues, personal information in their posts and updates, check if they have geolocation turned on, on those sites and pinpoint their location that way. The process can usually take only a few minutes to narrow down the near exact location of your target.

If you still have no luck this way, then you need to deploy some social engineering into the mix, become friendly with the scoper and throw subtle questions and comments at them that involve the mention of “locations” do this until you have some results of at least a city or a landmark.

More to come soon on this topic.. plenty more!

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