Manifesto Of A Stalker Named Elliot Rodger

Sometimes a stalker reaches his limit. In the case of Elliot Rodger, the young man from California who took to the streets to “teach a lesson” to many individuals who he believed it was important that he send such a message too, first stabbing to death his three roommates then loading over 400 rounds of ammunition and three handguns in his BMW, he drove around the city of Santa Barbara, California gunning down a large number of males and females, killing seven and wounding many others.

When intercepted by the police, he turned one of the guns onto himself and put a bullet in his own head. Watch below one video he uploaded to YouTube that has been copied on another user’s channel, a video showing him stalking a young couple on the beach from his vehicle as he describes how he hates what they are about and how they are enjoying their lives etc.

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Now watch the video that he uploaded just hours before he went on his rampage.

Elliot Rodger Retribution Video Last Video before the murders from Adam Guerbuez on Vimeo.

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He wrote a 141 page book as well that we have obtained a copy of, which will allow you to get deep inside of his mind, all his views on the world, humanity and life in general, along with his warnings on what he was gearing up to to, effectively he did stick to his plans and carry out the deed. Here is the book entirely posted for you to read and or print out for later reading, below.

Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara mass shooting suspect, "My Twisted World" manifesto

This is just one current example of what a stalker who is on a mission is capable of, no need to sugar coat reality, but there are plenty of people out there who have experienced and are dealing with what this young man was afflicted with, let’s hope that too many like-minded individuals do not snap in the same way, but hope is usually only a delusion.

In a day and age where too many individuals are reporting incidents of gangstalking, covert harassment, electronic harassment, microwave hearing, electronic Stalking, multi-stalking, multiple stalking, organized stalking, revenge stalking, vigilante stalking, group stalking, noise
campaigns, psychotronics, remote electronic assaults and more, we need to shine a light onto it all and find answers to the questions that are often ignored.

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