How to Identify Anyone By Taking Their Photo In Public

This is a new and easy way to snap a photo of someone who you see in public and find out their name and much more information. You could be at the mall, on the bus, train or even at a nightclub and just want to know who someone is and as much as you can find out about them, without them even knowing what is happening.

There is a website called FindFace, they are a facial recognition service that is totally free for anyone to use for up to 30 times, then they charge a fee afterwards. The way that the site works is, you take a photo of someone’s face, for example in public at a park, do it with your smartphone and then you upload the photo to and let it scan through it’s 100’s of millions of records on people with their current photos already out there on social networking sites until it finds matches.

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It will then show you a bunch of photos with name and info that are very similar to the person you took a photo of. Now you can look through all these results and pinpoint who the person is in almost every single case. There are exceptions where it will not find a match or the correct match, that is ok since not everyone puts there info online with their true photo. The best part of this tool is that you can use it for free and this is the same type of technology that the government agencies use to identify individuals of interest, now in the hands of you, the general public to do your own detective work!

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