How To Get Their Real Name, Address, IP And More , Just By Chatting!

This is called the STALKERTOOLS Resolver method. Have you ever met someone online in a chat room, or Skype and wanted to track them down, know their real location and personal info? Follow this method and you will have excellent results, it is free and extremely powerful, many people have been found using this method and have cried about privacy violations until they were blue in the face. It is so effective you will be thankful to the STALKERTOOLS team for sure.

First step. When talking to the person, try to get their Skype username, so if you are in a web chat, tell them you wanna talk on Skype with them, or better yet you are already in a skype chat and know their username.

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Second step. Go go and type their Skype username into the search bar (make sure it is their actual username, you can get it by clicking on the arrow next to their name in the chat and it will show their true Skype username. (We say this cause people often change their temp name on the fly, but their username is permanent) Resolve me will trace the IP address of this username and show it to you.

Third step, now that you have an ip address for this person, you need to do a couple things with it. First off go to and paste the ip into the search bar there. Now you can see the geographical location of this person, it will show their approximate city, the one where they are using their internet provider from. Note it, this is one part of the puzzle.

Fourth Step. Go to and paste the ip address of the person that you just found in step 2 into the search box. Now press Resolve and you will see what other Skype usernames connect from the home/office of the person you are looking into. This gets interesting, since you can grab those names, maybe family members use them and type the nicknames into a Google search and find out all kinds of info that the other Skype users in the same home have made public, for instance, a brother in the same house may post on a lot of sites asking for people to add him to Skype to make new friends.. Now you know who the brother is, perhaps his first and last name and more, go ahead and check the Skype directory as well, see what info the other Skype users put in the directory there. Many possibilities for you to play with here.

Fifth step, to get even more info after you have done all of the above, you can also use social engineering tactics with the person you are looking up, once you have found their geolocation with the resolver, you can say you grew up in the same area, they will in most cases reply with info that will expose them, such as a school they went to, or a place they worked at, etc. Note it all and narrow down when you are searching their nickname on Google with the other details and you will see that many interesting results will popup, linking to personally identifiable information about the person you are looking into.

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Want more on this method from the pros at STALKERTOOLS? comment below and we can elaborate further for everyone.

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