How to Find A User’s Personal Information On TeamSpeak

This custom method that has been working flawlessly for several years now, is one of the best ones to find out someone’s real private info that is using TeamSpeak. Since it is impossible to get someone’s IP address without having ADMIN privileges on Teamspeak, this method involves some social engineering along with a fun little trick where you will be able to log the target’s IP address. Here are the steps involved to make this happen.

First off you will need to create a new channel on the Teamspeak server that you are using. Unless you are permission blocked from creating a new channel, this step is fairly simple.

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Now that you have created a new channel, you need to name it something provocative that will help you LURE your target into. Try a room name like “Come in here, Toughguy” or use the targets name in the channel name like “Me and Rick Chat” The Next step is super important and is the way you will be able to snatch their IP address.

You will notice in the channel settings where you put the channel name, there is a field below that’s called “Discription” This is where you will insert a code that will allow you to instantly grab the IP address of anyone joining the room, hence your target’s ip address.

The code you need is an image code, you can go to the following site to get this code and use it.
Go to then scroll down to “Invisible Logger” click on the “Generate Logger” button
Now you will be on your statistics page for your invisible logger. Now all you need to do is copy the html code
you see to the right of where it says ” Your IPLOGGER link for collecting statistics (no BB-codes)” it will look
like this .

Now you need to paste that code into the “discription” box in Teamspeak for your new channel but you need to add some extra code to it, you need to wrap [img] [/img] around it, so then it will look like this [img][/img] now just paste it into the “description box then save your channel by pressing “ok”

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You are now ready to trick your TARGET into meeting you in that new Channel you just made, this is not hard if you just are convincing enough to be able to make them want to join you in there. Once they enter the room, you will have their IP address, it will be logged and will show on your statistics page on IPLOGGER’s website, just refresh that page to see new ips that it logged of whoever entered the room.

Now that you have their ip, you can now use any of the ip tracing methods that are listed here on so be sure to look through the site and learn all the ways you can track down people’s identities by just having their IP address. The most common is linking their IP address to their gaming accounts, skype accounts or other messenger accounts. Yes there are plenty of free resources out there that you can check an IP address to see if that person is linked to a skype name, a steam account etc etc. We mention plenty here on StalkerTools.

Once you have linked their ip address to a nickname of a user of a messenger or gaming account, you can google that name and get much more info on your target.

Once you have done this a couple of times, it will become so easy to repeat and you will be using this method quite often when you chat on Teamspeak servers.

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