HardCore Method That Breaks Up Relationships

This Stalker Tools method is very effective and has long lasting effects. Previous reports of this method being used have caused many fights between guys and their girlfriends, break-ups and even in a few cases, divorce, yes we are not even kidding. This is for educational purposes only, do not use this method on anyone, as in many jurisdictions there are laws that carry severe penalties for impersonation resulting in damage. 

Here is a step by step outline of how the method works.

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First, make sure you have a Spoofcard account where you can easily change your number to show up as whatever you wish on the person’s caller Id that you are dialing.

Second: Find out when the target’s girlfriend is going away for a day/night or weekend and will have very little communication with her boyfriend/husband. This could be you knowing that your friend’s girlfriend told him she is going to see her parents for the weekend or something similar where you know they will 100% not be with each other in person. The ultimate scenario is if the target’s woman is going out for a night with her girlfriends, a night on the town perhaps. If you can nail this method on that occasion, it is 100% guaranteed to have the best impact!

Third: Now is where you go find a X-RATED movie clip on the net, make sure it contains a girl who is getting pleasured and very vocal about it, the noisier the better. Once you have found a good video clip with a loud girl who is clearly getting pleasured, make sure you have your speakers on and pause the video right at a perfect spot where she is really having a great time….

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Last step: This is the Golden step, now you spoof your caller id to be the phone number of your target’s girlfriend. Call your target and when he answers, play the video, let him her the girl having a “really good time” without him. This is where the target will flip his lid, lose his fucking mind and believe that his woman accidentially “drunk dialed” him (the send button got pressed by accident and called him without her knowing) he will hear what he thinks is his woman cheating on him with another guy. Make sure you hangup on the call within no more then 10 seconds, if you stay on longer, he may hear too much and be unsure if it is actually his girl or not…..

The job is done, what happens next is mind blowing. Sit back and watch as the fireworks go off and all hell breaks lose, this method has caused so many people to go off the deep end and the chances the target will actually call her number to “check up on her” is rare, he will in most cases just handle it in person, face to face.

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