Get Back into a TeamSpeak Server after getting banned

So you were in a TeamSpeak Server and some mod or admin banned you from the server? Now I will show you here how to get right back in and keep on getting in no matter how many times you get banned. There is no way that the server admin can stop you once you are using this method and tool.


GARD Pro Not Registered…227ea0ca9a003bd02263b801/analysis/1439556201/ Scan here of the application to show it is clean from any malware or viruses.!sxJwUBQR!0plb30V0qXkrFOrSt4qEO1PnMZAAXUVutboFYrrp7iU  Download the ban bypass application here for all Windows machines.

Download and install – VPN from  Take the FREE plan or paid, up to you.
Once installed open it up, goto settings and select “Start Application minimized” & “Connect on application start”.

Then launch the UnBanner and hit “UnBan” as Administrator (required to edit reg). It will do the bypass work all for you, no nerdy knowledge needed.

The application will edit both reg keys for x86 and x64, acquire a new IP address, check to see it’s changed then launch Teamspeak.
If you have been banned you will need to change your identity. Add a number to the end or whatever of your previous name.

If you get banned again, close Teamspeak and hit the “UnBan” button again.

GARD Pro Not Registered

There is also an option to launch a new Teamspeak window with different ProductID’s, if you want to mess with another filthy dirty exploit I use often to cause ruckus.


Special thanks to HexBoy for making this simple for everyone.


GARD Pro Not Registered


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