Finding Someone’s Identity From A Photo Of Their Cat!

Yes, funny and unbelievable title for this article, however it is 100% possible to get full information on anyone simply by getting a photograph taken with their phone.

Thanks to technology and most people being naive, anyone can track the movements of people they are interested in and even discover where a photo of someone’s cat was taken (I use this example because of a personal experience where I was sent a cat photo, I pulled the persons address from the photo in seconds), most people today are so happy to tell the world where they are and what they are doing when they post messages on the net.

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There are also those people that are not clued in to how their phones work and will just click “accept” and “next” without taking a moment to read what they are agreeing to install or give permission too on their phones. Then they get angry when someone like myself meets them and they are trying to be all anonymous by telling me they live in some state on the other end of the Country, or saying they live in a multi-million dollar home etc along with all the other B.S that people on the net use because they actually believe their real identity is protected, simply because they are not physically writing their address anywhere and are not telling anyone their real name or details.

The anger kicks in, sometimes fear as well, when I confront these types of people with their TRUE info, one great example is when I met this girl on twitter who made herself out to be some sort of wealthy princess who lived in one of the most expensive places to live in Florida, showing me plenty of fake images of her supposed “home” and cars along with all the trumped up stories she would make up as she went along. She told everyone that she was a model as well as actor and that is why she could not give too much personal info out, she did not want her “fans” to stalk her. I knew this girl needed a nice time check and who better to give it to her then myself?

I asked her to send me a nice big photo of her cat, as I love cats so much, I told her to please take it with her iPhone outside in the daylight so it would come out nicely, since it’s a house cat I knew that “outside” would be her patio or balcony, right where I needed her so that her GPS details would attach to the photo as long as she was in the line of sight of the GPS sats way high up in the sky. So she did take the photo, I told her, send it
to me full size by email since I wanted to print it out full quality. She was proud to oblige. Once I got it I passed it through all of the sites in the following list… (A lot of info generated here) Modern EXIF Viewer Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer Reverse Image Search Reverse Image Search Reverse Image Search Reverse Image Search

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Above is a list of just some of the sites you can bring a photo that you have over to and upload it to get plenty of information about it, such as the Exif data (name of camera used or phone used to take pic) Geotag data (location that the photo was taken) and lastly, like Google’s reverse image search function, find out if the picture was posted elsewhere on the internet. It is amazing how easy it is to track someone down with these tools, all FREE tools as well.

So… Back to my story. Once I had checked out the cat photo she sent me to my email (knowing it was not passing through twitter or any other site that may filter out GPS data for people’s privacy), this was a raw pic from her phone straight to my inbox. I found the exact address where the photo was taken (a very poor ghetto area in Florida) then I typed it into Google maps and took a screenshot of the street view of her ghetto style apartment building and finally went to Spokeo and typed in her address and sure enough one result came back with the same address and the exact same email address listed connected to the person living at that address, their full name and the names of their family members living at the same address and plenty more.

I sent her a message, asking her to connect to a video chat live, and when she did, with a smile I told her all the info I had found, asked her why she likes to lie to everyone about who she really is and how she felt knowing all of her publicly available information is freely available so that all the people she deals with will know all of her real details and know what a first rate bullshitter she really is.

She seemed quite shocked, told me she was going to call the authorities and that I ruined her life. She deleted her accounts online and I never seen or heard from or about her again. Knowing that I had done nothing wrong I simply moved on and forgot about her, being just another number in my books of successful endeavors. On to the next one 🙂

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