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Founded in 2014, StalkerTools.com is a very straightforward website where anyone can read through the many exclusive methods in our articles that cover how to use online and offline resources to aid you in tracking down, gathering information and learning more about individuals you may be interested in. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Stalker Tools was born when the Founder, Adam Guerbuez decided to fill the long open void where information on methods used to monitor, track and trace individuals was mostly unavailable to the general public and whatever could be found online by searching was very hard to understand unless the reader was technologically sophisticated or had the time to grab the information and then search all the words and terms they did not understand to make sense of it all.  Methods used by law enforcement, spy agencies, private investigators and more is shared here on Stalker Tools, in ways that everyone can understand and put into action, instantly!

Unlike any other website currently available, the format used at StalkerTools.com is a simple, easy to understand one. Similar to the book series for “Dummies” that many of us know so well and have read and learned from, this is the first site ever to cover such a subject that is seen by so many as controversial and in many cases borderline legal.

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StalkerTools only publishes unique articles written in house by us and never copied from any other source. Often these articles discuss topics and methods that others simply are too scared to write about. We live in a day and age where access to information is plentiful and we believe that everyone should have easy access to such information, yet millions of people remain clueless about so many aspects about how and where to get access to such info. StalkerTools.com is here now to change that. What once was only information that was common knowledge to elite private detectives and law enforcement along with some very tech savvy computer hackers, now is available to the public on one website, best of all we eliminate all the technical babble so that everyone, young or old can clearly understand our methods and put them to use.

After years of experience of devising methods of tracking people down, the main driving force behind Stalker Tools is excited to share all with the public and wish to make it clear that whatever you do with the information you read on our site, however you put the methods to use are your own responsibility, we never would want our methods to be used to harass someone or be used in an illegal way, please exercise caution as we claim no responsibility on any outcome that someone may experience by using the methods in any of our articles on StalkerTools.com.

We are firm believers in Freedom Of Information and hope you are as well. If you would like to contact us directly you may do so using the contact form on our site and we will be glad to respond.

100T0118Adam Guerbuez – StalkerTools.com Founder

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